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Secondary Processes and Finishing



To facilitate the needs of our customers we have a complete machine shop in-house geared for production. Like the rest of the foundry our machine shop is operational all three shifts and on average employs 27 people.


  • 4 - Haas VF-2 Vertical Mill (with 4th axis)
  • 6 - Haas VF-3 Vertical Mill (with 4th axis)
  • 2 - Haas VF-5 Vertical Mill (with 4th axis)
  • 1 - Haas SL-10 Lathe
  • 2 - Haas SL-30 Lathe
  • 4 - Haas ST-30 Lathe
  • 1 - Haas ST-40 Lathe

heat treat

Heat Treating

Our in-house heat treating department has the capability to handle high volumes with minimal turn around. The department boasts seven heat treating ovens and four quench tanks. To reduce the brittleness of our aluminum castings, tempering takes place in multiple aging ovens located through out the plant.

The majority of the output consists of an aluminum alloy known as 356-T6 which is the 356 alloy that has been tempered to the T6 designation. In this operation the aluminum is brought to just below its melting point, held at that state for up to twelve hours and then aged for up to five hours. The result is an aluminum alloy with a tensile strength of 30 ksi and a yield strength of 20 ksi.


Galvanizing / Painting

Zinc coating or galvanizing as it is more commonly known, is implemented to create a physical barrier around iron or steel parts to prevent corrosion. The galvanizing tank consists of a molten bath of liquid zinc where parts are submerged through a process referred to as hot dipping.

Some products may instead be painted for a more aesthetic finish.