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Travis Pattern and Foundry is the largest privately owned provider of aluminum castings west of the Mississippi. Annually we experience an output of 7 million lbs of aluminum which is shipped world wide as both finished products and raw ingot. While the majority of our work consists of larger volume orders, our job shop style manufacturing model allows for the greatest product flexibility while maintaining the shortest possible lead times. Our primary molding methods consist of the green sand, permanent mold, and no bake processes. If you are looking for a premier west coast foundry give us a call.


Our current aluminum output sits at roughly 7 million lbs a year but with the infrastructure and resources that we have in place we could easily double that.


Of the aluminum that we produce, approximately 85 percent of it ends up being used in house. The remaining 15 percent is shipped out in the form of raw ingot where it is used by other foundries and metallurgical facilities for a variety of applications. To facilitate such a high demand we have both induction and gas furnaces running around the clock on three separate shifts


The majority of our aluminum comes to us in the form of recycled material which we reuse to produce our desired alloys. With major hubs such as Seattle and Portland with in driving distance you can be sure there is no shortage of aluminum, and the only limiting factor to the amount of aluminum we pour is our volume of orders.

Bronze is a vague term that has grown to encompass a multitude of copper alloys that contain such elements as tin, silicon, and aluminum. Bronze is stronger and harder than most common casting alloys making it a desirable material for components that demand such properties. Bronze is also quite conductive making it ideal for power transmission applications.


Incorporated into our primary sand system is our bronze pouring line. While the majority of our bronze/brass consumption is for electrical transmission components, we do produce castings for many other industries.


Of the alloys that we pour some of the most common are 955(Aluminum Bronze), 836 (Red Brass), 115 (Red Brass), 875 (Silicon Bronze), 833 (Red brass/Contact metal), and 131 (Red Brass/Contact metal).


Our average annually consumption of bronze/brass comes in at roughly a half of a million lbs.

Our Iron casting division is large enough that it requires its own dedicated facility. Known as Travis Ironworks, this 80,000 square foot facility provides Iron castings for major industries through out the United States, Canada, and Mexico.


Our Iron casting division, Travis Ironworks, produces all grades of gray iron castings with tensile strengths from 20 to 60 thousand pounds and ductile iron castings with tensile strengths in the 60 to 120 thousand pound range. We also produce all HI-chrome and NI-hard grades of wear resistant iron castings.


Travis Ironworks operates primarily as a green sand casting foundry with a no-bake molding process. We have the capability to produce one ounce to fifteen hundred pound castings and can furnish one of a kind products or make production runs of thousands. Our processing capacity is 800 tons of iron per month.


Our automated molding equipment provides us with quick turn around capabilities for customers with emergency requirements. The 3032 Beardsley piper molding machine will run up to 50 molds per hour while the 2016 machine is capable of running 180 molds per hour.