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Now that we have our tooling and our cores it is time to create the mold/s. Our sand system consists of two hunters, three squeezers and one rollover. The hunters are automated molding machines that use match plates to generate molds. Sand is fed into repositories above and below the match plate and then hydraulically compressed to create the mold halves complete with all of the required gating. Each half of the mold is indexed into one another and the mold is complete. The squeezer and the rollover work much in the same way but the process is not automated.



Permanent molds on the other hand are another ball game. To produce a permanent mold a drafter works with a parametric modeling program such as SolidWorks to create a solid model of the part. The model is then imported into a CAM program such as SurfCam or MasterCam to generate the tool paths. Once the paths are created a CNC uses the data to mill the desired geometry out of a piece of iron. Once made a permanent mold provides an improved surface finish and generates castings faster then the sand casting process.



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