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Wednesday 08th of December 2021



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Aluminum Castings

Travis Pattern & Foundry is the largest privately owned provider of aluminum castings west of the Mississippi. Annually we experience an output of 7 million lbs of aluminum which is shipped world wide as both finished products and raw ingot. While the majority of our work consists of larger volume orders, our job shop style manufacturing model allows for the greatest product flexibility while maintaining the shortest possible lead times. Our primary molding methods consist of the green sand, permanent mold, and no bake processes. If you are looking for a premier west coast foundry give us a call.


Bronze Castings

Bronze is a vague term that has grown to encompass a multitude of copper alloys that contain such elements as tin, silicon, and aluminum. Bronze is stronger and harder than most common casting alloys making it a desirable material for components that demand such properties. Bronze is also quite conductive making it ideal for power transmission applications.

Cast Iron

Our Iron casting division is large enough that it requires its own dedicated facility. Known as Travis Iron Works, this 80,000 square foot facility provides Iron castings for major industries through out the United States, Canada, and Mexico.