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Thursday 21st of October 2021



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With everything in place we move onto the casting. Molds generated on our automated molding machines (hunters) are fed into a carousel where they are indexed into place and housed for pouring. As each mold is filled the carousel rotates the next mold into position for pouring, drops a previously poured mold off for shake out, and grabs a new mold from the hunter line. The process operates continuously until the desired number of castings are produced.



To facilitate permanent mold castings multiple furnaces are located through out the plant. Each furnace serve as work stations for multiple molds. Once a mold is filled an automated timer starts to count down the optimal time it takes for the casting to solidify. As the worker is waiting for the aluminum to cool he is busy tending another mold. The entire process is choreographed to minimize down time and maximize out put.



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